• Extra Hard

    • 80 x 200 (114.00 €)
    • 90 x 200 (130.00 €)
    • 120 x 200 (173.00 €)
    • 140 x 200 (196.00 €)
    • 160 x 200 (229.00 €)
    • 180 x 200 (262.00 €)
  • independent ANTINOISE springs of increased elasticity and variable stiffness, 220-240 mm high, packed in separate bags 180-185 mm high, closed by SPANBOND-PROTECT non-woven material on both sides. Pruzhblok has 3 zones of rigidity. It provides high point elasticity and body support at a very high permissible load and has increased comfort.
    Unique cutting of polyurethane foam, creating a massage and "stretching" effect of the spine.
    Natural coconut in combination with natural latex.
    Orthopedic effect. 9 comfort zones.
    CertiPUR Polyurethane Foam Certificate.
    The mattress is double-sided. One side is super-hard, the other is hard.
    Height is about 24 cm.
    Permissible permanent load on one berth 180 kg.
    Detachable double-sided zip pouch made of anti-allergenic fabric. The cover is washable.
    On the one hand, BAMBOO / ALOE VERA fabric is three-layer (polyester) with a layer of synthetic  100 g / m2 and non-woven fabric "SPANBOND", stitched on a quilting machine, with excellent air circulation. On the other hand - a three-layer knitted fabric BREEZE, which has increased thermal conductivity and good air permeability. Made according to the special technology of volumetric stitches with a synthetic layer of 100 g / m2 and non-woven material "SPANBOND".
    The effect of "Winter-Summer".
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